The Battle Against Our Constitution

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day 2011, I am saddened and alarmed by the increasing number of Americans who are anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-Constitution. Even TIME magazine questions whether the U.S. Constitution really matters.

I’m also greatly concerned about whether there are enough dedicated and bold Christians left in America to stand up and fight for the unprecedented freedoms that have been handed down to us by our God-fearing

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President Obama Speaks on His Christianity

After hearing and seeing so much anti-Christian rhetoric regarding our President, I read with great interest his recent message at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 3.  Here are some highlights from his enlightening talk on his Christianity:

My Christian faith then has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years. All the more so, when Michelle and I hear our faith questioned from time

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Global Government Rising

Every day brings news of another crisis, another bailout, another affront to our individual rights, another threat to our nation’s heritage, freedoms, and liberties. Jesus commanded us to recognize the signs of the season so that we’ll know when the time of redemption is drawing near. That’s why it’s important that we study these developments with a clear eye and an open heart. I don’t want you to be

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Christian Prosecuted

The trademarked slogan for Las Vegas is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I’ll bet you probably feel a little like that about your church. You may feel like you can let your guard down a little when you’re there since you’re among friends and others who believe like you and live their lives like you.

Well, I’m sure that’s how a young, single Christian lady from Grand Rapids,

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‘Myrtus’ file found in Stuxnet Code

Iran went on the offensive after its industrial infrastructure was infected by the ‘Stuxnet’ computer worm. Though the Iranian government accused “the enemy,” it did not name any specific nation or nationalities. Instead, Iran’s security services arrested dozens of ‘cyberspies’ at the Bushehr, Natanz, Isfahan nuclear facilities and also in Tehran.

Particular attention has been paid to the many Russian scientists, technicians, and engineers who are in Iran building the

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Political Correctness

If there’s one contemporary cultural phenomenon that gets under my skin, it’s “Political Correctness.” Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “political correctness” is simply a product of the evolution of our culture and our growing sophistication as a society. It’s not. Rather, it is a TOOL being used by the ‘progressive’ (read that ‘liberal’) elements of our society to intimidate most of us into silence. If we’re afraid to

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Where’s America?

The Bible says that eventually Israel will stand completely alone and friendless against the entire world. Where’s America?

I believe these are dangerous days for the United States. Paul predicts that, in the last days, “perilous times” will come. He also describes what I believe will be the condition of the world’s most Christian nation in those days. Here is his portrait: “…men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of

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Covenants: Conditional and Unconditional

To understand God’s plan for the world, it is vital to understand what, at first, may seem like a dry subject – covenants. In the Bible, God makes two kinds of covenants with human beings – conditional and unconditional. A conditional covenant is predicated on God saying to man, “If you will.” An unconditional covenant is predicated on God saying to man, “I will.”

Conditional covenants are like the contracts

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