Where is America’s Greatness?

Donald Trump wants so much to see America return to greatness that in 2012 he trademarked the slogan, “Make America Great Again!” In 2016, that sentiment finally resonated with a majority of American voters.

I believe there is a broad sense among Americans that we’ve left something behind — something crucial. But what? What made America so successful, rich, safe, powerful, and desirable?  We keep hearing that it was “American values.” But what are “American values?” The definition you would hear from a 20-something in 2018 would be very different from a 20-something in 1958.

[…] the truth is America’s greatness has little to do with “American values.” It has everything to do with “Judeo-Christian values!” In fact, American values are at their very best when they reflect Judeo-Christian beliefs. And it’s not true just for America.

Where Christianity flourishes, people flourish. Humanitarianism, science, the arts, and democracy all abound in societies that try to align themselves with Biblical morality.

One practical reason is that children thrive in a Christian environment. It’s full of love and discipline. It encourages and stabilizes families — the foundation of any society.

Bible morality and Bible values also cause business to thrive. With them, owners and workers alike value honesty, responsibility, sobriety, hard work, compassion, and fairness.

Even government works better when the people have a general agreement on Bible-based values. More Bible means less corruption and more cooperation.

For two centuries now, we in America have been the recipients of these blessings.

That’s not to say that we’ve never failed morally. Having ideals and fully living up to them are two different things.

We still struggle sometimes to live up to the most basic premise of our society, that “all men are created equal.” (That premise, by the way, directly reflects Bible doctrine.) And our critics are quick to point out our failures. But with “created equal” as our north star, America became the safest, fairest, and most prosperous society in the history of the world.

Sadly, all of that is beginning to disappear. The economy is booming, but the joy is gone. Corruption is spreading. Too many little ones are neglected and abused. Millions are killed before they are born!

How did this happen? Where will it lead?

I believe the anti-God movement that seems to be the major motivating force in America today seeks the love and kindness of Christian teaching, but without the God who inspires it — or the Bible in which He teaches it. For decades, they’ve been working to build a Christian society, but without Christ.

That’s like transplanting a tree by cutting it off at ground level. Without its roots, the tree will die. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see the tree of liberty withering and dying in our day. America is cutting off its roots.

When followed, Biblical principles — such as the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule — make nations and people great. But when they stop believing in God Himself, they are usually just a generation or two from denouncing those Bible principles. (Sound familiar?)  After that, the loss of prosperity and freedom is inevitable.

transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 1/26/2018

(Emphasis added. -ed.)

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