Center of the Universe

The universe is unimaginably vast consisting of hundreds of billions of galaxies.  We are in just one, which we call the Milky Way.  And “our” galaxy is indeed in a very unique and special place in the this vast expanse.

D. Russell Humphreys writes,

Over the last few decades, new evidence has surfaced that restores man to a central place in God’s universe. Astronomers have confirmed that numerical values of galaxy redshifts are ‘quantized’, tending to fall into distinct groups. According to Hubble’s law, redshifts are proportional to the distances of the galaxies from us. Then it would be the distances themselves that fall into groups. That would mean the galaxies tend to be grouped into (conceptual) spherical shells concentric around our home galaxy, the Milky Way. The shells turn out to be on the order of a million light years apart. The groups of redshifts would be distinct from each other only if our viewing location is less than a million light years from the centre. The odds for the Earth having such a unique position in the cosmos by accident are less than one in a trillion. Since big bang theorists presuppose the cosmos has naturalistic origins and cannot have a unique centre, they have sought other explanations, without notable success so far. Thus, redshift quantization is evidence (1) against the big bang theory, and (2) for a galactocentric cosmology.

Fascinating new information has come to light which solidly disproves any randomness in the universe and reveals that Earth is at an optimal point in it, not just to support life, but also to give us a most advantageous point from which to view and study it!  Here is a link to the entire article by D. R. Humphreys.

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