Worried About Hurricanes and Global Warming?

Hurricanes are presently being used as the poster child for global warming, now called “climate change,” largely because hurricanes are extremely destructive and grab global attention. Like all other recent weather disasters, hurricanes are touted as proof the climate is changing because of our love affair with oil and coal. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast producing up to 50 inches of rain. Hurricane Irma followed, soon after destroying homes, land, and businesses in the northern Caribbean and Florida. The storms shocked the sensibilities of the American people who are vulnerable to the incessant propaganda that the devastation is a result of people (especially our politicians) not caring about the environment.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are not evidence of global warming.  Please read the complete article here to gain a broader and factual  perspective on what is really going on with climate change.

image courtesy AccuWeather

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