The Truth About Trump & the Iran Deal

President Donald Trump infuriated the Left and irritated some of our western allies.  What did he do that was so terrible? He told the truth.  He announced to the world that Iran is not adhering to its part of the bargain in the so-called “Iran nuclear deal.” So he said that he will no longer “certify” to the U.S. Congress that Iran is complying with the deal.

He’s only saying something the West has known since the day the agreement was signed.

Now, no matter what you hear from Iran or their friends in the mainstream media, the President is not pulling the U.S. out of the deal just yet. And he’s not breaking it by re-imposing economic sanctions against Iran. Instead, he’s doing something the Left thinks is much worse. He’s putting the issue squarely in the lap of the U.S. Congress. And they don’t want it because it means they’ll have to make a decision and shoulder part of the blame if it doesn’t work.

But to hear the Left squawk, you’d think President Trump has declared World War III or thrown the world back into the 19th century!

Far be it from anyone in the media or left of center to learn a lesson from North Korea. Weak U.S. and U.N. policies allowed North Korea to build nuclear weapons — along with the missiles to deliver them. Now, North Korea is using that arsenal to blackmail the whole world.

But even if Iran follows the rules of the nuclear agreement (which President Trump says is maybe the worst deal America has ever made with anyone!), it will soon be able to create its own nuclear arsenal anyway.

To be accurate, when the P5+1 nations made their “deal” with Iran, they changed the balance of power in the Middle East. They set up Iran as the most powerful Muslim nation in the region. They traded long-term peace and security for short-term political gain. They turned a poor country led by radical Islamic terrorists into a rich country led by radical Islamic terrorists. And Iran’s leaders are as radical as ISIS.

On top of all of that, Iran remains a steadfast trading partner of North Korea. And that’s a problem.

Those two rogue regimes work hand in hand. The North Koreans have nuclear and missile technology, but no money. Iran wants nuclear and missile technology, and because of President Obama’s “deal” with Iran, they are now loaded with money.

That’s a marriage made in Hell.

This is important because Ezekiel 38 tells us that in the last days, Russia and Persia (modern Iran) will lead a confederacy of nations in a battle against Israel. If this deal is allowed to stand, it means that the Iran that attacks Israel will be a nuclear-armed Iran.

transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 10/20/2017

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