I describe Character as the only thing that goes in the casket with you. It’s the only thing that you take with you to the hereafter….

Character is returning extra change at the grocery store. Character is keeping appointments and being on time, honoring your commitments and honoring your word. Character is choosing the harder right instead of the easier wrong. Character is setting priorities that honor God, family, country, and then career….Character in marriage is working through the tough times….Character is being committed to the well being of your family and friends, associates, and others, even if it is personally costly; and yes, Character is setting a good example.

Character almost always requires sacrificing personal pleasures in order to think of the well being of your family or associates. A married person of Character acts married all the time. A person of Character is self-disciplined and self-controlled. Character implies the courage to stand for what is right, if necessary, all alone to oppose what is wrong and to make the effort to discern the difference. Character is being truthful in all things while being sensitive to the fact that sometimes the truth hurts and need not be spoken. Character is being selfless rather than selfish.

Character in its true form is developed over time and, just like steel, is forged to its greatest strength. The fires of daily living are the fires that hone Character….

Remember, it’s the only thing that goes in the casket with you to the hereafter, and believe it or not, it’s the only thing that people will remember about you when you’re gone.

by Pat Goggins
Complete article published in the Western Ag Reporter, January 7, 2016

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