Bible Prophecy and America

I believe the last few weeks have been dramatic in view of Bible prophecy for these last days.

Hurricane Harvey and, more importantly, its aftermath have wreaked unbelievable devastation on the coastal regions of Southeast Texas and Louisiana. And it continues. As I write these words, rooftop rescues are still happening. Entire communities are being evacuated from flooded areas. Whole cities are without water and power.

And the death toll is rising. Only now are thousands of first-responders and National Guard personnel beginning to sift through the receding floodwaters to find the bodies of people who didn’t make it out.

Already, analysts are saying this is the costliest natural disaster in American history. And not just for those tens of thousands who lost their homes and their possessions, but for the businesses which lost entire inventories and plants.

Because of the tremendous concentration of America’s oil-refining capacity in that region, all Americans will see their gasoline bills rise over the next few weeks. It’s already happening in many places. Gasoline shortages, too.  […]

I don’t intend to suggest that this hurricane or the next is prophesied for these days. I believe they are natural occurrences in the life of our planet. I do believe, however, that the upheaval these and other disasters cause and the danger they present to America’s economy and infrastructure may contribute to America’s role (or absence) in the last days scenario.

Identity Politics and America’s Second Civil War

Also, the last few weeks have seen a ratcheting up of the hatred toward anything Christian, moral, or conservative in our nation. As I noted in last week’s program, the stunning rise of “Identity Politics” in just the last few years has put the United States on a dangerous course toward a second civil war. And I do not say that flippantly.

When the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently designated D. James Kennedy Ministries as a “hate group” (essentially because the late Dr. Kennedy preached in favor of and promoted the sanctity of Biblical, traditional marriage), it became obvious to me that the Leftists are going for the jugular. It makes no difference that the SPLC is one of the most corrupt, politicized Leftist organizations in America, their “hate lists” are revered by groups like Amazon, CNN, MSNBC, Google, PayPal, the mainstream media and many others (including recent Administrations).

So when the influential SPLC attacks longstanding, honorable, and Godly ministries for simply preaching the Bible, you can know that the societal persecution has begun. Just as Jesus warned we would see in the days just before His return.

Christians Are Entrusted Representatives of God

But you and I have been entrusted by God to be His representatives on this earth at the most critical, and exciting, time in prophetic history. So lest we blow our opportunity to bring glory to God in the closing days of this Age of Grace, I want to help you prepare for what certainly lies ahead.

If you’re a regular viewer of [“The Hal Lindsey Report”], you know that I have long warned that persecution and prosecution is coming. Now that it’s here, we believers need to be ready to stand strong against the rushing tides of public opinion and public ridicule. We need to be ready to be courageous in naming the name of Jesus despite the consequences.


transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 9/1/2017

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