Are you going to trust “The System”?

Can you imagine a world in which you would never lose your car keys or wallet? Or have them stolen?

Can you imagine a world in which you would never have to stand in line at the grocery store? Or the airline ticket counter? Or TSA?

Can you imagine a world in which you would never have to worry about having your identity stolen when shopping online? Or your credit cards accessed by hackers?

Can you imagine a world in which you would never have to worry about filling out tax forms? Or keeping track of receipts?

Can you imagine a world in which you would never have to worry about your grandmother falling and not being able to summon help? Or a heart attack or a stroke dropping you before you could call 911?

You don’t have to imagine.

That world is here.

All of these things are now possible, or will soon be possible, because of the microchip.

And the incredible convenience and safety the microchip promises will be possible because of The System.

The System will link all of the services and protections the citizens of the world could ever want or need and automatically provide them to the bearer of the microchip.

For a world that worships at the altar of “convenience,” The System will be the ultimate servant.

For a world that is rapidly descending into fear, The System will be the ultimate protector.

And that is how the Antichrist and the False Prophet will get billions of people to take the Mark of the Beast.

It will promise the convenience and safety we all crave.

Does that sound like the plot line for a science-fantasy movie coming soon to your local theater? Well, it’s not.

The technology to accomplish everything I have just described is already available. Granted, much of it is in the rudimentary stages, but we all know from experience that once a technology is invented, its perfection and utilization often follows at blinding speed.

What’s more, the Bible prophets predicted that in the final days of this Age of Grace, knowledge (technology) would increase exponentially in both breadth and speed.

For the Mark of the Beast System to work as it must, it will require a cashless world and participation by most of its people.

Daily, the governments of the world call for the abolition of physical cash as the world’s currency. They are joined by corporations, banks, intellectuals, terrorism experts, drug trafficking experts, organized crime prosecutors, and even public health officials.

And that time is closer than you may think. Today, the world’s monetary structure is no longer based on gold, silver, or even boxes of paper bills stashed in the vaults of banks or national treasuries. The zeroes and ones of computer code already serve as the world’s true currency.

Do you doubt that people will willingly accept a microchip implanted in their hand to receive the conveniences and safety The System will provide?

Last week in Wisconsin, a small firm offered to implant a microchip in the hand of any employee who chose to accept it. The payoff? The employee would no longer need an ID card to enter the building, a password to access the computer system, or cash or credit card to purchase items from the company break room.

None of those activities sound too taxing or inconvenient, do they? Yet almost half of the 85 employees chose to have the chip implanted in their bodies in return for the basic and very limited “convenience” it offered.

How can they refuse when the Mark of the Beast System offers lavish, almost unlimited, convenience and safety?

The Bible says they won’t.


Satan knows that a personal faith-walk with God is based upon the principle of “grace” instead of “law.” So his goal is to slowly lead even mature believers into a sense that what was begun in faith must be perfected by the flesh. To trade “grace” for “law.”

He constantly seeks to keep unbelievers away from “grace.” For those who have already come to Christ, he seeks to erase “grace” from your thoughts and beliefs. Satan is perfectly happy with the believer striving to live by the “law.”

Don’t fall prey to the deceptions of the Adversary. Trust your salvation to the only one who can actually save you — Jesus.

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transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 8/11/2017

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