The Modern Lie

This week, President Trump made his first overseas trip as President. He began by visiting Saudi Arabia and addressing a meeting of more than 50 Arab heads of state and leaders.

He then moved on to Israel, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He later visited with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

President Trump also did something no other sitting U.S. President has done. He visited the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, also known as the “Wailing Wall.” Though he visited without Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump wore a yarmulka and spent time alone in prayer or contemplation before placing a folded note into a crevice in the wall.

The President then headed to Rome to meet Pope Francis and on to Brussels for meetings with NATO leaders before a Group of 7 summit.

Of course, the mainstream media has and will speculate wildly on every aspect of the President’s performance. Very little of it will be positive. They have even announced that Mrs. Trump repeatedly refused to hold the President’s hand and that he “shoved” the Prime Minister of Montenegro!

As I watched these events unfold, I marveled at how entrenched certain assumptions have become in the world’s thinking. Of course, most people routinely accept what the mainstream media says as fact. That’s a dangerous thing since so much of what the media says is either incorrect or patently untrue.

Most people do not know — or will not accept — that much of the mainstream media serves simply as a propaganda arm for those with “globalist” ambitions who seek, ultimately, a one-world government. Just as the ancient Bible prophets predicted.

One of the greatest falsehoods of all was on constant display during President Trump’s time in Israel. Though President Trump, thankfully, has a much more sympathetic attitude toward Israel than past Presidents, I believe his somewhat vague ambitions for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal may suffer from the fact that almost all “peace initiatives” for that region are doomed to failure because they are based on a false premise.

I call it “The Modern Lie.”

Hitler’s philosophy was that if you told a big enough lie (one that rational folks wouldn’t be foolish enough to devise) and you repeated it often enough, the people would begin to believe it as truth.

We’re seeing exactly that strategy at work in the world today. In fact, the conflict that seems to preoccupy the world is predicated on an enormous lie. The mainstream media, the Left, the United Nations, and many governments of the world have either fallen prey to the lie or are actively perpetuating it.

Either way, the conflict it fosters is just as deadly. More ominously, ‘The Modern Lie’ is rooted in and animated by ‘The Everlasting Hatred.’

What is the monstrous lie that much of the world has swallowed hook, line, and sinker? Simply this: The modern state of Israel was created when the Jews stole Palestinian cities, land, and houses.

Those claims are patently false.

transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 5/26/2017

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