The Signs of a War Brewing

The one thing that may trump the rise of European national pride (no pun intended) is the emergence of a serious common enemy. Putin’s Russia just may fill the bill.

Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior within its sphere of influence has alarmed many European leaders. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and theft of Crimea, his harassment of NATO and European military ships and planes, his placement of nuclear-tipped missiles in Kaliningrad, and his alliance with Iran and support of Bashar al-Assad have all contributed to a state of unease among European leaders.

In fact, Sweden and Finland are cooperating militarily to prepare for a confrontation with Russia!

A strong defense against a common threat may become more important to Europeans than the ability to control their own borders and actually be autonomous. Already, EU bureaucrats are proposing that all individual European armies should be abolished and a single, large, and powerful European Army be established. Under Brussels’ control, of course.

I think it’s undeniable that all of this is leading to the emergence of the Antichrist. We are clearly in the gap period between the first 483 years and the final seven years that Daniel describes in chapter 9 of his book.

The potentially imminent economic and demographic collapse of the EU and the rise of a possibly coalescing influence from Russia to drive them back together, points to the emergence of a “revived Roman Empire” from which the prophet predicts the Antichrist will arise.

Wow! This is prophecy come to life! And it promises only to get more exciting! And scarier!

transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 3/10/2017

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