But there IS trouble in Sweden!

In a speech in Florida last month, President Trump referred to the problems Sweden is experiencing because of its lax immigration policies.

As usual, there was an immediate mainstream media and social media response. Both ridiculed the President and his supposed lack of information. One reporter at the Huffington Post asked what the President was smoking to make such a claim.

Even the Swedish government responded. Their spokespeople tried to make it seem that the President was ill-informed about Sweden. The overwhelming stream of immigrants from the Middle East was having no ill impact on Sweden.

Then the truth began to emerge. Again.

Two prominent Swedish politicians wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. They said that there is, indeed, a crisis in Sweden caused by the constantly increasing number of Muslim immigrants who refused to assimilate into Swedish society. They said that, in fact, President Trump had understated the problem.

The Swedish Minister of Integration — who had publicly ridiculed the implication of President Trump’s simple statement — had to publicly apologize for her own overreach. She had misspoken and, indeed, sex crimes in Sweden are on the rise. She is now the one guilty of understatement.

Since the Muslim invasion of Sweden began in 1975, sex crimes have not only “risen,” they have exploded! In fact, between 1975, when Sweden began accepting large numbers of Muslim immigrants, incidents of rape have increased 1,472%! From a national total of 421 rapes in 1975 to 6,620 in 2014. And I’m sure 2015 and 2016 will add to that number appreciably.

For years, Sweden accepted about 50,000 Muslim immigrants per year. In the last few years, that number has skyrocketed. Some reports now estimate that from August to December, 2016, Sweden took in about 160,000 immigrants. Mostly young, military-aged men.

Though I have not discussed this on the program, I have seen e-mail from Swedish residents who describe the conditions under which they now live. Many of the elderly are now afraid to leave their homes at night. Women, who once freely shopped and dined alone, now only go to the stores with others. And only in the daytime.

They all say that they don’t recognize some parts of Swedish cities. One older gentleman said that some historic parts of once-pristine Sweden now look like third-world ghettos.

But you will never hear this in the mainstream media. Why? Because the globalist-elites who control the media do not want you to know. Their basic goal is to so weaken independent Western societies that they must join forces with other weakened nations to survive. That’s what the international trade associations like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are ultimately all about.

Each nation cedes its individual sovereignty to a higher, unelected authority. We then trust the globalist bureaucrats to keep us safe and make everything okay.

To accomplish that they must break down nations that possess strong Judeo-Christian moral values. So they constantly attack the family, traditional sexual roles, race relations, democratic government institutions, and free-market capitalist economies.

And the quickest way to do this is by promoting open-border immigration policies to overwhelm the ability of the state to cope with the added expense. Especially those policies which favor major influxes of Muslims. Large numbers of Muslims flooding into a free, democratic society inevitably destroys it. Islam is not compatible with democracy or individual freedom.

That’s precisely why Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Marine La Pen, the Brexit movement, and others are so vehemently opposed by George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Carlos Slim, Jorge Ramos, Barack Obama, and other globalist-elite types. Trump, Wilders, La Pen, and Brexit-inspired movements promote a return to national pride and sovereignty.

And that’s precisely what Satan does not need to prepare the way for the rise of his Antichrist.

transmitted by Hal Lindsey – 3/10/2017

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