Center of the Universe

The universe is unimaginably vast consisting of hundreds of billions of galaxies.  We are in just one, which we call the Milky Way.  And “our” galaxy is indeed in a very unique and special place in the this vast expanse.

D. Russell Humphreys writes,

Over the last few decades, new evidence has

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Why Jerusalem Always Was The Capital of Israel

[On December 6, 2017,] President Donald Trump fulfilled another campaign promise. In so doing, he did something no world leader before him has done. He officially recognized the reality of the past 3,000+ years — that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.  By declaring that the United States recognizes and affirms that reality, he broke ranks with every other nation on

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Reeling from the Tragedies

It seems like recently we reel from one tragedy to the next. We barely have time to collect our breath before we get the next “breaking news” alert on our cell phones that something else unthinkable has happened.

Here in the United States, high-profile deadly incidents have come fast and furiously lately — and we usually never hear about the smaller ones. Just this year, Fort Lauderdale, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Antioch,

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The Truth About Trump & the Iran Deal

President Donald Trump infuriated the Left and irritated some of our western allies.  What did he do that was so terrible? He told the truth.  He announced to the world that Iran is not adhering to its part of the bargain in the so-called “Iran nuclear deal.” So he said that he will no longer “certify” to the U.S. Congress that Iran is complying with the deal.

He’s only saying

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Prophecy Fulfillment Increasing

For sixty years, I’ve been teaching about things we now see every day.

I’m not special. The Bible is my insight and revelation. As I study, I ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate His word. You can do the same thing.

When I began teaching about Bible prophecy, news stories coinciding with and confirming prophecy came along every few months. Eventually, that became every few weeks. Then every few days.

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I describe Character as the only thing that goes in the casket with you. It’s the only thing that you take with you to the hereafter….

Character is returning extra change at the grocery store. Character is keeping appointments and being on time, honoring your commitments and honoring your word. Character is choosing the harder right instead of the easier wrong. Character is setting priorities that honor God, family, country,

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Christianity, it’s different

Christianity is different from other world religions. Most of them can survive their sacred texts being found to contain conflicting details. What’s most important to them are the broad generalities they teach, not the particulars of their founders’ lives. But Christianity holds itself to such a high standard — 100% accuracy (a standard established by God Himself) — that the details of the life and death of Jesus Christ are

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Iran & Russia In Alignment With Biblical Prophecy

[Last week…] Israel launched an airstrike against a factory inside Syria. Contrary to the usual international brouhaha that usually accompanies an Israeli action against any of its adversaries, the world has been silent.

That’s because everyone knows that Syria was producing chemical weapons at that plant. Apparently, they were also developing precision missiles there.

A former Major General in Israel’s Defense Forces thinks that the lack of response to the strike

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Bible Prophecy and America

I believe the last few weeks have been dramatic in view of Bible prophecy for these last days.

Hurricane Harvey and, more importantly, its aftermath have wreaked unbelievable devastation on the coastal regions of Southeast Texas and Louisiana. And it continues. As I write these words, rooftop rescues are still happening. Entire communities are being evacuated from flooded areas. Whole cities are without water and power.

And the death toll

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Interactive Tombstones?

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, a cemetery in Slovenia has introduced digital tombstones with 48-inch interactive screens that are weather-proof and vandal-proof. At first glance, they look like any other gravestone; but if you stand in front of them for a few moments, their sensors are activated and they come to life, giving you interactive opportunities to learn all about the deceased—including pictures, videos, and sound through

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Racism & Identity Politics

Though we do not want to think about it, and some will deny its existence, there is a worldwide phenomenon happening right now. It is ripping apart nations, communities, and even families.  It’s called “Identity Politics.”

It is dangerous. Those who engage in it are contributing to the destruction of our great nation. Those who promote it in government, the media, and international relations are doing so for their own

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